Fuel Price Indicator

Daily Price Estimate June 1, 2021

Petrol 93

15.823 c/l decrease

Petrol 95

17.969 c/l decrease

Diesel 0.05%

21.700 c/l increase

Diesel 0.005%

22.998 c/l increase


17.337 c/l increase

Our Quality Products

We currently offer the following high quality products

Petrol (ULP 95, LRP 95,ULP 93)

Diesel (500ppm, 50ppm)

Illuminating Paraffin

Fuel Integrity

Zero-tolerance on blended fuel

Our pledge to our customers is that we have a zero-tolerance policy for any fuel that is blended and we will not, under any circumstances deal in fuel of this quality.

All products complies with SANS and SABS standards

All products sold are sourced from South African certified fuel refineries that complies with SANS and SABS standards. We will supply you with the original Bill of Loading/Lifting slip that certifies the fuel originates from the refinery.